Selling you a massage chair or pillow is just the start of our relationship. It's what we do AFTER the sale that truly separates Massage Vegas from any other massage chair retailer.

The first of its kind 30 day in-home trial of our amazing massage chair. If within 30 days of its arrival to your home you are not loving it, we will refund your payment entirely minus the costs we incurred for shipping. 

Ways we serve you: Phone, Texting, Private Mailbox, Held Desk Ticket, Community Forum, Live Chat, Live Video Chat and FAQs. We will do whatever it takes to deliver exceptional support.

Read the details of our industry leading 5 year Warranty. We will fix your chair of defect including parts and labor in your home. If we can't fix your chair we will replace it for up to 5 years! 

If you cancel before shipping your order, we will fully refund you, 100%. Once an order has been shipped, the only fees we deduct from your refund are the costs incurred, nothing more.