valentines couples massage las vegas

The best couples massage experience in las vegas is at Massage Vegas. Experience customized massages side by side. Each massage customized to your preference including: neck, feet, back, shoulder, hips, arms, glutes and calves.

And before you react "OH, It's Just A Chair, Becky"... ya might want to read our Yelp Reviews. This is NOT "just a chair". 

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Couples in Las Vegas that massage together...stay together

Reservations are NOT required but recommended for Feb 14th 15th and 16th by texting us at 702-900-0275

For 2020 our famous couples massage valentines package costs just $89 and includes:

  • 60 minute Zero Gravity Full Body Massage
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  • Teddy Bear (because Teddy Bears are awesome)
    Teddy Bear Valentines
  • Box Chocolate (because who doesn't want chocolate on Valentines!)
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  • Champagne (because life is better with a little bubbly now and again)
    Champagne Massage Las Vegas

Valentines Rates WITHOUT THE PACKAGE, JUST MASSAGE for Feb 14th, 15th and 16th are below:

  1. 2 hour couples couples massage $140
  2. 90 minutes couples massage $120
  3. 1 hour couples massage $80
  4. 30 minute couples massage $60