The best couples massage experience in las vegas is at Massage Vegas. Experience 2 60 minute massages side by side. Each massage customized to your preference including: neck, feet, back, shoulder, hips, arms, glutes and calves.

Couples in Las Vegas that massage together...stay together. (not sure if that's true). And couples that massage together...argue less (that's definitely, probably not true). Ok fine, let's just say couples that massage together ALWAYS stay together through the course of the massage and they do not argue at all during their massages. That is 100% true in all occasions. (fact).

Our 60 minutes couples massage experience is just $60. Total. For both. That's all. No Tips. No tax.

Massage Vegas at Town Square offers the #1 Massage Gift for 3 reasons:

  • 1.) Availability - We are open 7 days a week to service you until 10pm
  • 2.) Cost - We are more affordable than traditional massage with ZERO tipping
  • 3.) Quality- It would take 4 therapists to equal 1 zero gravity massage
  • You can buy massage gift certificates easily online or in store.
    You can also order by phone 702-900-0275. Or just stop in anytime at Town Square Las Vegas.

    Click Here To Order Online
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