Prenatal Massage Las Vegas

The Best Place for PreNatal Massage In Las Vegas

Massage Vegas Town Square offers a safe and quality pregnancy massage experience. Every aspect of the massage is custom controlled to ensure 100% comfort and safety for Momma and baby. 

We don't recline fully for prenatal massage. Some will choose to recline more than others.  Some will choose to barely recline back at all.

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Some will choose a feet and neck only massage experience keeping the massage "hands" far away from the midsection.

Some will prefer a full body experience but at a slow, no vibration pace with ample padding for support.

The "recipe" for each person will be different and our staff will always patiently find yours.

7 Month Pregnant Client Review

Do Pressure Points Induce Labor? 

Smarter people than us can't agree on this answer. We found an article at Medical News Today that gives good information. We encourage all clients to do their own research and make the best decision for themself.

Is Massage Safe during the First Trimester?

When properly administered massage is safe during all of the pregnancy research shows. The first trimester of a pregnancy is of higher risk for miscarriage which is why we would suggest an adapted massage during that stage of the pregnancy that avoids vibrations or quick movements. Our kneading only mode is ideal for this scenario.

Where is the Best Place for a Baby Shower in Las Vegas?

The best place for baby shower in Vegas is here at Massage Vegas, of course. Everyone gets fabulous massage while watching Cousin Becky destroy Whitney Houston songs with Karaoke. Another aspect that makes us the best place for a baby shower in las vegas is that we let you bring your own food and drink of choice to make our place feel like yours. Click here for more info.