"Free" and "Luxury" are rarely connected. Massage Vegas is the exception. It's not just a massage chair. You get a specially trained person along with technology to make sure your massage is perfect for you. (Watch Videos)

People that try the famous Vegas Massage Chair, return to the Vegas Massage Chair. Not only is it a lot of massage, it is high quality massage.

Located in the beautiful Town Square Las Vegas across from the airport.

What To Expect for Free

  • 3min - Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back Massage
  • 2min - Lower Back and Butt Massage
  • 5min - Left Foot Massage
  • 5min - Right Foot Massage
  • 1min - Body Stretch
  • 3min - Left Arm Compressions
  • 3min - Right Arm Compressions
  • 1min - Right Hip Compressions
  • 1min - Left Hip Compressions
  • 2min - Left Calf Compressions
  • 2min - Right Calf Compressions
  • 28 Minutes Total

You get all of the above in 5 minutes! Crazy, right? Imagine how much work your body receives if you choose to extend time 15, 30 or 60 minutes!

After your 5 Minutes Free Trial, you can add additional minutes:
15 minutes for $10
30 additional minutes for $20
60 additional minutes for $30

NO TIPPING = More Savings

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