Father Day Massage Las Vegas

Dad deserves a massage. Father's day is a great reminder to show some love for "Dear Ole Dad". 

Here at Massage Vegas at Town Square we can help your gift-giving experience by insuring Dad always gets great value for the money you spend on him. We customize each and every massage to the body type of each customer. We further adapt the massage to Dad's preferences, likes and dislikes.

zero gravity massage

Buying Dad a Gift Card for a massage has never been easier. 

We hope you give Massage Vegas a chance to give Dad the foot massage of his dreams; the butt massage he has never had; the consistent neck work that he hasn't had since that one lady who was so great but now he can't find her so he doesn't go anymore; the peaceful tranquility of headsphone playing the perfect music at the perfect volume with an eye mask that tells the rest of the world..."not now..I'm out". 

Zero Gravity Massage Las Vegas

Click here for our massage pricing and membership info. But don't worry about the membership right now. Let Dad see that he loves it and then our membership will keep him in good shape at a ridiculously low rate ($15 an hour!).

Gift cards can be bought in store or online on our massage gift card page.

PS: Dad can be really big or really small and we can still make it a great experience.