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You are welcome to visit our Vegas or Indianapolis locations for a free trial. If you fly-in, we will pick you up at the airport, feed you and give you ample amount of free use of our chair. You can also try in home without risk for 30 days.

Children love our massage chair. It's like a ride to them. They genuinely love massage. Sure their feet may not reach fully. And we will have you use 4 layers of padding, but when done right its a great reward for their good grades.

We install every chair unless the location is international or extremely remote. We want to be there to shake your hand and thank you in person and capture the satisfied look when you feel the quality of this massage chair.

In zero gravity massage mode you will reach up to 165° whereby your feet will rise above your heart. This position shares your weight evenly from head to toes. Improved circulation and a deeper massage.

The chair is that good. But it isn't just about the machine that makes it worth it. The higher investment is partly because we personally deliver your chair, train and service you in home for 5 years. No one does that. But, we do.

We tried to find a better chair. Twice the cost and they weren't better. Some chairs have a feature here or there we really like. But this chair simply is the best overall. We put our name and reputation on it along with a 5 year guarantee.

We wave all shipping of chairs 3 - 20 purchased.. When you test this chair, you will see why it is worth every penny. We will not lose your business over a few bucks. But respect that we charge what it takes to serve you for 5 years.

Both our massage chair and pillow are heated. The massage chair has heat in the lumbar area. But frankly, in our experience it's more ideal to increase padding in lumbar area, offsetting the heat, for a more comfortable experience. 

3 different motors control the neck to butt path and angles of the "hands" that massage you. Another motor controls the rollers under your feet. 2 pumps control the compressions from airbags. All managed by high-end computer technology.

Our massage chair is listed around $8,000. It's is worth it, but the marketplace for high volume sales at that price point becomes limited. That is why we have the chair discounted to $5,249 and still including the industries best warranty.

One of the best things about this chair is that it can be adjusted to hundreds of different variety of settings. It's like telling a massage therapist only to work here, here and here...and then it actually happens. Neck only. Feet Only. Butt only. Yep.

If you are really tall or really not tall, you realize most things aren't sized perfect for you. The same will be with any massage chair. Luckily our massage chair has seen blissful experiences for people 6'6 360lbs down to 4'11 and 90lbs.

From the day your chair is installed, we begin with safety in mind. With proper padding and adjustments, which we will teach you, an older person will absolutely be safe in the Vegas Massage Chair. Of course ask doctor first.

Highest quality parts. 5 year in home warranty. We install your chair with training. 30 Day in home trial. 60 minute massages. Amazing butt massage. Best foot massage. Manual override to place "hands" exactly where you want them.

We faced the same issue when we first began testing massage chairs. It can be a shady experience. 7 days a week you can come into our Indianapolis or Vegas showrooms to meet with us, shake our hands and try the massage chair.

Some of our support areas are not publicly available because they are reserved for our customers only. Our VIP ACCESS areas contain the knowledge gained from having over 1,000 customers using our chair in 2017 alone.

Absolutely. In fact, we put 6 chairs inside a spa for over a year before we decided to sell them in order to get accurate customer feedback. Over 1,000 uses later, we have proof this is the best massage chair: for personal or business.

This is a powerful piece of technology and a 300lb machine. There are proper ways to use the chair to ensure it doesn't hurt. That is why we have an online course that teaches you to use the chair safely to get an amazing experience.

Our massage chair warranty is for 5 years. In those 5 years we will keep your chair working or replace it. An investment in a quality massage chair should come with an equal amount of protection. And we do this in your home.