Looking for private event space/venue in Las Vegas? Let us make your event/party memorable. Birthday parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Family Reunions, staff meeting, marketing events and so much more have used our services to deliver a unique, safe, fun experience.

This is the new #1 way to celebrate with a group in  Las Vegas.

Your event  can be totally private with only our host there for support, or you can keep it open and public for a fundraiser, perhaps.

Each event will include massage and music with free option of karaoke. You can bring any food or drink of your choice. 



Vegas Massage Chair

Each of our events features the  luxury Vegas Massage Chair. These $8,000 machines deliver a massage that many compare to the experience of having 4 massage therapists working on you at once

  • The Vegas Massage Chair can do deep tissue without getting tired (or softened for Swedish)
  • The Vegas Massage Chair works the FULL body (or just where you prefer)
  • The Vegas Massage Chair reclines you into a Zero Gravity Reclined Position (or any angle you prefer)




Pricing is negotiated per group based on each groups needs; however, typical rates are:

  • $30 per person for a 1 hour party 
  • $45 per person for a 2 hour party  
  • $60 per person for a 3 hour party  


How Does It Work?

  • You reach out letting us know you are interested (info form below)
  • We contact you to answer your questions
  • Once the date and time is agreed, we will build you a custom party webpage
  • You and your guests will begin to join the event directly on your page with a deposit
  • Once the event has at least 5 people the party is confirmed
  • We host your event and your group has a fantastic time!

Got questions? Call/text 702-621-5829   


Location: 5 Minutes from the Famous Vegas Strip

We are newly located at 6565 Spencer St just off Sunset Rd.