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Having healthy employees is an incredibly important part of a company. Not only do healthy employees mean that you have happy employees, but investing in your employee’s health equates to less sick days overall. It also means that productivity will increase as well. There are many ways that you can promote health in the workplace. This will get everyone interested in losing weight, getting in better shape and feeling better about themselves.

Provide Opportunities

There are many ways that you can provide your employees with ways to get into a better state of health. If your office space allows, you can provide a gym area that is free to use during the workday. You can provide bikes on site that employees can take out into the area during their lunch break. You can utilize a discount for employees at a local gym that allows you to work out a deal with them. Most importantly, educate your employees about how important it is to stay healthy and fit. This will help your business, but it helps your employees in their own lives when they are feeling their best.

Make it a Game

There are a number of fitness challenges that your office can try. You can do a “biggest loser” competition where employees weigh in at the beginning of a competition. Over the course of a few weeks, you can have periodic weigh-ins. At the end of the contest, see who loses the most body fat percentage. You can also orchestrate company field days, walks, corporate walks, etc. Even offer prizes for people who visit the gym the most times in one week. This is also good for mental health, but you can really get people motivated to do well when there is competition involved.

Corporate Massage

Host an event for your employees where they can participate in health and wellness activities. You can offer free massages to help boost morale. There are many health benefits of massages that you can educate employees on. This can help improve their circulation, boost immune function, etc. Activities like these can not only help your employees to be healthier, but they can also help them to be more relaxed and improve employee morale.

It is important that you care about the health and wellbeing of your employees. This shows how much you care about the people that you are employing. You want everyone to feel their best. This allows everyone to work at a good level of productivity, and people will show up each day, ready to work.