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Building upper-body strength is critical for anyone who uses a wheelchair. However, it's possible to overdevelop some muscles while others remain underdeveloped. This imbalance can cause pain and, over time, may put undue pressure on the joints.

Massage for Flexibility

If you're using a manual wheelchair, the chances are good that your hands and forearms are balanced in their strength. However, you arms may be stronger at the bicep than at the tricep, and your chest may be stronger than your back. A concentrated upper body exercise program, combined with stretches, can help you to get back in balance. You can receive massages that help release knots in muscle and improve their suppleness and flexibility. Massage after your workouts can speed your recovery and lessen the pain of growing new muscle tissue. 

Wheelchair Strain

Propelling your body weight and the weight of the chair can lead to muscle exhaustion in your hands, arms and shoulders. If you try to push through these strains, you may wind up with injury or inflammation. People in wheelchairs often experience strains in their backs and shoulders. To reduce the impact of this common problem, make sure to treat your daily mobility tasks as a workout. Warm up slowly and stretch at the end of the day. Find a Zero Gravity Massage capable of adapting to people with special challenges of wheelchair strain. Massage can help to relax and loosen strained and tight muscles.

Massage for Circulation

For people with severe mobility issues, such as a high spinal injury that limits the use of their arms, massage for circulation health is critical. Too much time spent sitting up or in one position can lead to chronic and debilitating conditions, such as pressure sores. Pressure sores are breaks in the skin that develop over time and can ulcerate. Once ulcers develop due to poor circulation, pressure ulcers can become very hard to treat, acting as a gateway to dangerous infections. A proper and thorough massage can reduce the risk of these injuries by increasing blood flow to the skin on a regular basis.

Receiving massage on a regular basis can be a bright spot in your routine as well as provide a number of health benefits. Book a massage with us today to start experiencing the difference!